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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 9, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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a bay area teacher behind bars, confessed to having sex with a young teenager. said. >>pam: a community is outraged. >>pam: a one-year-old gunned down in oakland shootout. how the family and a neighbor that are responding. >>pam: the future of the oakland a's. the mayors last effort to keep baseball in the east bay. announcer: live, this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m., a middle school teacher arrested for having sex of a former student in
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giving a full confession to police. katie thompson is live in cleveland. that is where the relationship had been going on for close to one year. >>gabe: the arrest happened year earlier today at diablo middle school while school was in session. police showed up with the warrants to search the classroom into the home of the teacher. 41 year-old andrew control. he is in math and science teacher at diablo view of middle school. he has confessed to a one-year relationship with a former female student. police say there were tipped off by a parent. he is being charged with six counts of unlawful intercourse, two counts of lewd acts and nine counts of oral copulation. fifth appearance in the community are upset and disturbed. >> shocking, sickening, very sad for our entire community. this is a small,
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tight community. when something like this happens, it is tragic. >>gabe: he was booked at the martina's detention facility and his bail was set at nearly 1 million. >>pam: after nearly two weeks of struggling for his life, and oakland tall or will soon be laid to rest. today, one year-old hiram lawrence was removed from life-support after suffering a gunshot wound to his head on november 28th. there was surveillance video of the incident when a group of people involved in filming a red video, the toddler was in his father's arms when shots rang out and people scattered. he was one of seven people hit. there has been a long struggle about his care because he suffered so much damage from a gunshot wound to his head. dan kerman has been at the hospital where he was being
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cared for. >>dan: a very sad day at children's hospital in oakland. very few people are here but earlier in the day friends and family members related to the baby were here waiting for news, around 4:00 p.m., the bad news came. on this final day in the life of hiram lawrence, his father seen here in white and his mother in the blue were surrounded by an ever increasing number of family and friends and well- wishers. for all of the support and prayers. he fought for 11 days. >>dan: his mother surrounded by family met with supporters to announce his passing hand called for an end to the violence. >> i do not want anyone else to go through what i am going through. the shooting needs to end. i should not
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have to lose my son to a gun shot. >>dan: the family pastor says he was taken off life- support shortly after 2:00 p.m. after doctors performed one final tests. >> he was a fighter. everybody loved him. he was so cute. if this is his footprint. this is how i have to remember him because someone started shooting. >>dan: as far as the investigation is concerned, six people have now been detained in connection with the shooting however no one has been charged. they remain behind bars on other charges. >>pam: in east oakland, leaders of the religious community held a memorial in the peace walk to remember all of those killed by
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violence. charles clifford was there. >>charles: of nearly 100 people held a memorial for the friends, family and loved ones lost of violence this year in oakland. they marched down international chanting and singing. walking alongside the crowd were a dozen police officers including the chief. jordan told reporters that the rally was a positive step, that it will take a community wide effort to stop the violence plaguing oakland. >> it will take more than a march. being involved in a crime watch, is getting out, calling drug hotline, if we see something, say something. >>jaqueline: another chilly night on tap. temperatures are slipping quite a bit.
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forties in the north bay, 48 in oakland. it is going to get quite cold overnight. a possibility of freezing fog in the north bay. it is still cold bay area wide. by the afternoon, temperatures a lot cooler. sunny skies but mild. changes coming as clouds make their way into the area with cooler temperatures. a possibility of light rain. >>pam: the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. >>reporter: sheriff's deputies are hunting for two suspects in connection with a blaze of a robbery at the best buy store on thursday night. the thieves made off with 125 ipad computers. >>pam: bay area cities tried to woo professional sports teams. >>j.r.: the city of oakland says there are two viable
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spas for a new stadium for the oakland raiders fan could be constructed in the next four years. more coming up. >>pam: which bay area mayor is trying to persuade the golden state warriors to make a move? plus, the latest of the investigation into the massive fraud case affecting lucky stores. san
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>> the robbery unfolded so quickly thursday night. five police believe the suspects were casing of a store in advance. >>jaqueline: a look at high temperatures from today, we will see cooling temperatures it bigger changes into the weekend, details coming up. >>pam: the countdown to 2010
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and new year's live is under way. this is a favor with the bay area to bring in the new year. the only local countdown show hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. spectacular fireworks and the best and biggest parties. anthem
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>>pam: working or antennas will soon see more of their paychecks this a bigger to taxes unless congress can reach a deal to extend payroll tax cuts. >>reporter: just one week before the expiration date, but the senate was not working today and the house left after two minutes. nancy pelosi to the advantage of that, moving a rare friday news conference to a hallway. >> families will soon have to make decisions on whether or not the committee georges is related to is for it children. what are we doing? we are out.
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>> i feel competent about our ability to move ahead. >>reporter: republicans are spoiling for a fight with democrats and the president on an issue unrelated to the payroll tax, demanding any tax cut the sentence included measures to speed up approval of the oil pipeline project. president obama wars that he would reject such a move. >> the fact that the president does not like it makes me like it anymore. >> we are trying to make sure that the american people understand that the tax cut is being held hostage to issues that have absolutely nothing to do
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with the payroll tax cut, absolutely nothing to do the unemployment extension. >> the president has decided to push this extension of for your convenience the and so after his next election, at a time when american people are still asking the question, where are the jobs? this is a bipartisan proposal that the president should endorse. >>pam: if the current payroll tax that is not extended, families earning $50,000 a year would have to pay an extra one of thousand dollars in taxes. >>pam: war victims are coming forward in the fraud case concerning lucky stores. 450 victims have had credit card of permission stolen after using a lucky store in petaluma. some victims had up to $1,000 missing. in san francisco, dozens of police had. for reasons listed in
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were forced to close their accounts. as terisa estacio reports, let the officials are working with peaks and federal authorities. >>terisa: of authorities are saying that this is one of the most sophisticated best they have ever seen. these installed devices and physically went back to lift its information from customers. in this elaborate crime the thieves used a blue to technology to grab information remotely. that means a crock-as a crook could be in the parking lot wrapping up customers and no one would know. right now, lucky's is uncertain how long this has been going on. in early november during a routine cleaning, an employee noticed something wrong and that is what started the investigation. so far, 20 stores have been
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press-and 20 stores have been affected. right now secret service experts are analyzing the equipment, lucky is working with authorities and financial institutions to further identified victims. all lucky stores have surveillance cameras. they are advising customers to check their accounts and as a precaution, close to them completely. and the store has also put in a information on its web site in and put signs in stores. kron4 found these notices. many customers told kron4's it is that they did not see the signs and they did note- tested did not know anything about this damn but that it would check their bank accounts immediately. >>jaqueline: big changes coming to the forecast later this weekend. tomorrow will be much of the same. temperatures are freezing and parts of the bay area with widespread third state-
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just widespread thirties' moving into the 50s and 60s. on sunday is when the changes move in. we will see the possibility of rain to the bay area. here are the temperatures tomorrow morning. another very chilly start today with the possibility of freezing fog in napa and santa rosa, warming up nicely into the afternoon, mainly upper 50s. it is still pretty pleasant. low 60s in redwood city. 61 in morgan hill, 59 in san jose. 58 in santa rosa and 56 in san francisco. >>pam: new details on the autopsy of the oregon state defensive tackle who was from richmond, california.
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this is his picture, fred thompson died suddenly during a pickup basketball game at school. an autopsy revealed that he had an enlarged heart. the young man was dance away--days away from his birthday. the increase the thickness of heart muscle could have caused an irregular heartbeat. this condition is a common cause of death in young athletes who may seem completely healthy but die suddenly during heavy exercise. >>gabe: i am giving away new streaming media boxes. it converts your television to the best in entertainment. over 300 channels and a ton of television shows, music, sports and more. costs--it features games like in reverse. it entered is the
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>>pam: it has been five years since twitter. twitters popularity has been growing ever since. there are now appealing a new look. police at taylor tells us what is different about the new design. >>reporter: over the next few weeks twitter users will find a new appearance. one of the sites criticisms is that potential users interested in joining the site might be deterred because they find it overwhelming ended difficult to navigate. among the changes, a key buttons like home and connect will be larger and appear at the top of the page. users will sweet on the left side of the page in a smaller box and visitors will be able to
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read trending topics. the rest of the page is devoted to the fall work top line that allows users to stay updated in real-time on sweets from the people that a fog. the site have increased boats and will be visible in tweets second day of. get the upgrade now. >> we think we are the only city that can open a new stadium by 2016. >>pam: the mayor of oakland reiterating involve as to keep the city's major league baseball team from moving, the details are coming up.
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>>pam: dozens of relatives, family and friends went to the hospital today to say
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their goodbyes to the one- year-old and his parents theophrastus >>pam: a diablo view middle school teacher has made a full confession to having sex with a young teenager. the man these see here is a math and science teacher in clayton was arrested earlier today. his bail was set at $975,000. in san carlos, officials are looking for two suspects who broke into a best buy and stole about 125 ipad. a the highest took less than two minutes. >>pam: the city of oakland has made it clear to me do league baseball, it wants the oakland a's to stay in oakland. in a letter to the major league baseball officials, the mayor says a new stadium could be constructed on two possible sites by 2016. j.r stone is following the story and has more from the coliseum.
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>> we want to make it very clear, oakland has two different sites. >>j.r.: to different sites where a new stadium could be constructed. >> they have political support, financially viable and a strong group of business leaders and fans who are ready to buy those tickets. >>j.r.: oakland mayor talks about the locations, you can do they look like these pictures.
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>>j.r.: you may be asking yourself, how does the city plan on finding something like this? they say the money they put into the project will come from their redevelopment agency and a number of investors that they say are interested. >>pam: while the city of oakland is looking to keep the oakland a's, the other professional team, the warriors, are looking at options that could move the nba team across the bay. earlier this week the team owners met with san francisco mayor ed lee and the giants and general manager to talk about the possibility of building a new arena near at&t park. kron4 asked the mayor what she thought about the talks to move the mayor-just to move the war years. >> costs i've met with the owners, we have been keeping in touch 3/8 they contacted
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me to let me now that they have been pretty excited. like any ceo, you have to look at all of your options. >>pam: since find the team last year the owners have said getting a new stadium is a priority. the warriors have made oakland to their home for 40 years and currently play in the second oldest arena. >>pam: need details tonight, a new suspect identified in an attempted robbery and shooting at happened on black friday outside wal- mart. investigators say the victim tried to fight off the suspect was--but was shot in the neck. surveillance video of the attacks as family members able to detain one of the suspect. if this is believed to be the getaway car driver. two other suspects are already behind bars. >>pam: san francisco police are looking for a man
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accused in to sexual assaults. this is a surveillance photographs. police say that he attacked and robbed two women in the mission district. bolt assaults happened on 24th street. >>reporter: a 17 year-old was reported missing on thursday, family members say they received a voicemail saying that she was being held hostage. when authorities found her friday afternoon, it appeared she was not kidnapped. two people are being questioned, a female minor have not been arrested. authorities are saying that her family could be held financially responsible for the extra resources authorities had to bring in to help locate her query at reggie kumar, kron4 is. all >>pam: in berlin game,
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police say a man killed his roommate. he told a friend he killed a seven year-old man he live with near the corner of the garden and all the drive. police found the victim dead inside of the hall yesterday. kaufman was tracked to a hotel in southern california. he is now being held in the san mateo county jail. in daily city, a man who had a boiling water thrown on him allegedly by his ex-wife has died. last month police say that this woman quart boiling water on her ex- husband while he was asleep. the man ran into the bathroom and she allegedly hit him in the head with a baseball bat. the suspect is now in police custody awaiting several charges including murder. >>grant: we have a kron4 crime trecker alert out of the south bay, dozens of vehicles are being broken into and car parts are being taken as well. if police
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say 41 vehicles have been broken into in the past month. police say around the holiday season, there are a lot of packages in the car and people need to be extra careful. in that same area that has been a rash of catalytic converter thefts. stealing them from people's vehicles. nine of them in the past two weeks. this area is where highway 9 and highway 17 come together. you have highway access, a densely populated area. there are these targeting of toyota 4 runner is it plea of a pickup trucks. specific makes and models. that is because it's liotta is set higher off the ground and other suvs. catalytic converters have a valuable gold and platinum in them. >>jaqueline: as we head into tomorrow, it averages in the '30's. we do have the possibility of freezing fog
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once again. tomorrow after the, temperatures will cool slightly, mainly in the upper 50s. big changes come as we head into sunday. we have been seen in the area of high pressure blocking any storms getting through. the storm track is going well to the north but we will see storms make their way towards the bay area in the coming week. on sunday, rain will be approaching the coast line. light rain at the close line by noon in pushing to the rest of the bay area bike for a and. lingering showers by 9:00 a.m.. it will be in and out quickly. >>stanley: coming up, if there ever were a people beating badly hall of famer, if i may have a nominee. i
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will he meet him in the next addition f m f
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jcpenney. >>jaqueline: it is quite cold already. 37 and fairfield. 39 and half moon bay, 41 in nevada. another very cold night with temperatures widespread in the '30's. we will see if you upper '40's out there, only in the san francisco and oakland. as we head into the weekend we will start to see some changes. we will see rain in the forecast comes sunday. here's a look at low temperatures. there are areas of salt for the north bay. low temperatures ranging from 29-47 tomorrow morning. we will warm up nicely into the afternoon. temperatures will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. a look at the morning low temperatures, widespread
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'30's. it is a slight chance of rain. we will definitely see cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures. another chance of rain later in the week. >>grant: attention people willing to set an alarm on saturday morning, early tomorrow we will have a great views of a total winner of clips. according to nasa, the red shattered the ec will be creeping on to the motor around for 40 5:00 a.m.. it will be a total illiterate eclipsed by six 05 a.m. and will last until about 7:00 a.m.. this is the second one this year. that is when the entire move is in the earth's darkest shadow and appears red. the further west you are, the better he will be able to see it. the
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skies should be pretty clear. it will not be another total of our clips for three years. you may want to check it out. if you want a great deal in some aerospace camaraderie, head on over to oakland. the space and science center is open from 4:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. and it is free. >>pam: silicon valley is fighting hollywood over a proposed federal online privacy hires a lot. supporters of the laws say fifth to stop online privacy act is needed to stem the death of the movies, music and games by hiring web sites outside the united states but the internet industry is calling the proposal repressive and will hinder the innovation that has sparked such companies as youtube and facebook. >>reporter: of one of
8:47 pm
hollywood's legendary director's has put out hits like officer: and a gentleman, but he is worried about his career because of experience like 2004 when his a biopic rate was released. he said it had taken him 13 years to get the financing for it. he was in new york on the day it opened in theaters. >> i went down to canal street and before the box office opened for its first day in the movie theaters, i could buy it on the street, it had great our work on the cover, i had a dvd. >>reporter: how much? >> at $20. >>reporter: he watched people buy pirated copies of his movies. he is joining forces with executives from the big entertainment conglomerate on a crusade against pirating. there are bills being debated in the house and senate that will go after the web sites where
8:48 pm
people can place still on content. >> we use billions of dollars. virtually everything is pirated from the date is available. >>reporter: the head of fox film entertainment says his company's move be the descendants was fired from the moment it came out. warner brothers is joining the efforts to fight piracy. it is also owned by time warner. it is not just about the product, it is about the people who work behind the scenes, the people who run it workable the theaters across the country having their jobs threatened. saw on the other side is our human about free speech. ice if these bills pass, the least theaters unscrews
8:49 pm
mastercard and visa and advertising companies to stop doing business even with a legitimate websites michaels and it is a win to a part of film. he calls those sites free-speech platforms. >> there are hundreds of thousands, millions of logs, millions of people using besides talk about their life and art, to make art. i've
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>> another baseball neas, the oakland a's say goodbye to trevor cahill. they're trying to save money. he just signed a $30 million deal back in april but that is apparently too much for the cash strapped oakland a's to tend to make a habit of finding quality talent only to ship the talents of once they become too good
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and become too expensive. giants fans are not happy to see cahill headed to the diamondbacks. the warriors had their first practice today. good news for basketball fans. it has been awhile since we have seen players off on the hard core. first-time head coach mark jackson had 16 days to get together before opening the season at oracle on christmas night against the clippers. >> he did not move as fast as he used to. you can tell bowl that he is passionate about what he's doing. we had fun. >> not at practice was this guy, charlie bell. he showed
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up to his dui hearing on drunk. we have the first casualty of the mark jackson era and its fan favorite, jeremy land fifth made headlines as local boy made good, a harvard graduate out of palo alto when the state title. he signed with the warriors last year. the guard did not get much playing time but made a mark in the developmental league of the nba. darren mcfadden is officially out for sunday's game in green bay. the raiders are its low point underdog to the packers. richard seymour does not seem to be able to stay out of trouble. fined $30,000 a date for this incident. he shoved his hand in the face of an called me know. a $30,000 fine. for
8:55 pm
the year he has been fined $60,000. the raiders are 12 point underdogs. patrick willis is listed as questionable and probably will not play against arizona. he is nursing a right hamstring injury suffered last sunday against the rams. this is considered a strained since they have clinched the division, there is no need to push it. fee is considered one of the best linebackers. the nfl has been trying hard to protect the quarterback. take a look at the replay. he did suffer a concussion of played the final minutes
8:56 pm
without remembering any of it. the steelers won 14-3. tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. is the heisman trophy ceremony. it looks like robert griffin the third will win the heisman. you are looking out a poll of actual voters. 22 percent of the votes are in. four of the 62 went to griffin, a former 62 to luck. take a look at and drew blood in a cold jersey. they do have the first pick in the draft. he was in baltimore and received the john unitas golden arm award. here is a lot on his draft prospects. >> hopefully it will take care of itself, wherever i end up going. i hope i have the opportunity to play. i tried to stay away from reading things about myself
8:57 pm
on television. >>pam: we will be back with more at 11:00 p.m.. knocked @ñ
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